Vlogmas Giveaway #3!!

You guys!

I’m seriously excited about this giveaway!!

If you’ve been following my channel for any length of time, then you’ll know that I’m a planner girl.  I absolutely LOVE my Erin Condren Life Planner!  In fact, I love it so much that I think everyone should have the option of using one!  😉


And here’s the really awesome part!  I’m giving one away to one of my amazing subscribers!  WHAT?!?!

Shut the front door!!

So, here’s the deal…..check out this rafflecopter thing-y here and enter to win!  It’s that easy.  No, I’m not kidding.


I’ll be announcing the winner on December 25th!  I’ll probably be announcing via Facebook, so make sure you’re following me there!

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you’re most looking forward to in the new year.

Good luck to everyone who enters!

Love you all,

Melony aka Mommy



33 thoughts on “Vlogmas Giveaway #3!!

  1. For the new year, I am most looking forward to focusing a little more time and effort on myself. I honestly haven’t done that since I got married and had kids.. and I know it will be hard for me, but I will do this.. I need it, I deserve it!


  2. WOW! I am entering but I have mine for the 2016 but I have a very dear friend that would love to have one and I would love to win this for her. Sending her over here as well. 😉 That is super generous Melanie!


  3. WOW! I have always wanted an EC planner. Fingers crossed. I’m hoping for health and happiness for my friends and family in 2016.


  4. I am looking forward to many changes in my life ( for the good). Taking time to slow down and just be… Spending more quality with my children.


  5. I am most looking forward to continuing the process of slowing down my daily
    I’ve and leaning into my relationship with God more.


  6. Looking forward to a better 2016. This year has been trial after trial from all the illness, to losing family member and find out my mother in law has stage 3 cancer. I’m looking forward to starting nursing school and making a better life for my babies.


  7. This is such a great giveaway! I already have my planner for 2016, but one of my close friends hasn’t ordered hers yet. I would love to surprise her with this! I am most looking forward to ….nice clean pages in my new planner! Just kidding. A little. I am looking forward to slowing down a little and really giving my family more of the best if me.


  8. I am looking forward to whatever god wants and I would love this planner because I have recently am using a planner to plan 🙂


  9. I am most looking forward to continuing my healthy life style and lose a substantial amount of weight. Of course unless I get pregnant which is also something I look forward to happening next year.


  10. Eeekkkk!!! Never tried an EC, what an awesome opportunity. I am excited for the new year for a fresh start, don’t get me wrong we have had a great year buts it’s always nice to clean things out, set new family and personal goals, and spend some good quality time with family and self reflection.


  11. I think I’m most looking forward to a fresh start. 2015 was a crazy and not so fun year for me personally, but I’m hopeful 2016 will be brighter! God is so good! I enjoy your videos & your first periscope was fun too.


  12. For the new year, I am looking forward to continuing my healthy lifestyle. I am also planning goals for being a wife, mom, homeschooler, and overall life. I have become too comfortable and relaxed.


  13. I’m looking forward to enjoying my little girls (2, and 6 moths) growing up together and running around. I’m all about family.


  14. I’m looking forward to working on mainstreaming my family’s budget. I know, thrilling right? So lame….maybe we’ll have another baby or something exciting too. We’ll see. 😉


  15. I am looking forward to bettering myself as a mommy and really focusing on living each day to the fullest extent possible. I really want to focus on living more and trying to stress less.


  16. I am looking forward to an answer to a couple of specific prayers one of which we have been waiting on for over 3 years and it looks like it’ll be 2016 if not just before that we finally get the answers! So excited to see the great plans God has for our lives in 2016, hoping for some big changes!!!


  17. I’m looking forward to a fresh start. Even though I’m not moving or anything else exiting is happening. BUT I’m going to get organized, I’m making new habbits (going for a walk every day, eating healthy etc) Happy new year


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