Zero Food Waste

Is “Zero” Food Waste Possible???

Zero Food Waste IntroUpon returning home from my trip to Uganda recently, I knew that I needed to make some changes in the way we do things in our home.  The trip affected me SO greatly in SO many ways.  And I want to be able to truly mean it when I tell people that it was “life-changing”.

One of the biggest effects I experienced while there was realizing how little is wasted and how much people appreciate what they have.  It was soul-stirring and convicting.  And I can’t lie and say that I wasn’t a little bit disgusted to come home and see food going into the trash or garbage disposal.  So, I decided to make a change.

Within days of returning home, I came across an IG feed that really captured my attention.  @DebtKickinMom was talking about something she referred to as “Zero Food Waste” and what that looks like in her home.  I was immediately intrigued.  And after spending an hour or so looking through her feed and watching her YouTube videos, I knew that God had led me to the answer I was seeking.

So, beginning this month, we are working toward being a #zerofoodwaste family.  So, what does that mean?

Essentially it means that I’m going to be MUCH more diligent in knowing what we currently own and being more mindful of future purchases.  I’m going to share the process with you on Instagram and YouTube (with Instagram being the primary source of information) on a weekly basis.  I’ll post grocery hauls and meal plans and periodic updates on what our “stash” looks like as we work through the challenge of using up what we currently have in our freezers & pantry.

I do hope that you’ll follow along on this journey and maybe even consider joining in.  I need all of the accountability partners that I can get on this one.  I’m a MAJOR impulse shopper, y’all…seriously!  😦

Love to all,

Melony 🙂


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