Let’s Shop!! Week of 1/18/16

IMG_7204.jpgHello, friends!  Welcome back!

As a supplement to my grocery haul video, I decided to write out a short blog post for you and list out the items that I purchased this week, as well as the prices for each.  I, personally, really enjoy comparing prices for items that I purchase on a regular basis and, for me, it helps to see the numbers “on paper”.

If you find this to be helpful, let me know, and I’ll consider making this a regular addition to my videos.

Without further ado, here we go.

This week I shopped for our groceries at Aldi.  Other than a couple of things that Aldi doesn’t carry (organic whole milk and jumbo hamburger buns) this should be everything that we will need for this week.

Shredded Hashbrowns 1.75

French Fries 1.99

Dill Pickles 1.49

Whole Grain White Bread (x4) 1.39/ea

Pork Sausage Roll 1.99

Yogurt Smoothie (x6) 0.85/ea

Chocolate Milk (half gallon) 1.19

Whole Milk (gallon) 1.45

Provolone Cheese – Sliced 1.99

Pepper Jack Cheese – Sliced 1.99

Extra Sharp Cheddar – 8 oz. block 1.89

Ranch Salad Dressing Mix (x2) 0.49/ea

Fajita Seasoning Mix 0.59

Cucumbers (x3) 0.59/ea

Blueberries 1.19

Garlic/Sea Salt Grinder 1.69

Peanut Butter Crackers (x2) 0.89

Organic Bananas (x2) 1.19

Reduced Sodium Soy Sauce1.29

Tomatoes (x2) 1.79

Tortilla Chips 1.69

Iceberg Lettuce 0.89

Organic Apple Juice 2.69

Muffin Mix (x2) 1.89/ea

Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix (x2) 0.47/ea

My total spent on groceries this week was $51.73.  

As you can see, the prices at Aldi are, in some cases, hard to beat!  If you have an Aldi near you and you haven’t checked it out yet, I would highly recommend you do!  😉



4 thoughts on “Let’s Shop!! Week of 1/18/16

  1. Oh man. I wish we had those kind of prices. Over here in Kent Washington everything is to high in prices you are so lucky to get cheat groceries


  2. I love Aldi’s!! I just found out that they putting one right down the street from me. The one that I go to is about 40 min drive.


    1. That’s awesome! You will LOVE having one so close! The one we have been going to is still about 35 minutes away from us, but it’s in the town where my parents live so we are there frequently enough that it doesn’t seem like an issue! 🙂


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