Let’s Shop!! Week of 2/15/2016

Let's Shop 2.15.16.jpg


This week’s grocery haul was quite a bit larger than the past several weeks.  I decided to go ahead and stock up on some meat to put in our freezer since this is a really busy time of year for us and I feel like I need to be as prepared as possible.  LOL  🙂
Here’s what I picked up this week:

Organic Pasta Sauce     $1.89

Chunk Tuna in Water(x4)     $.0.59/ea

Whole Grain White Bread (x2)     $1.39/ea

Pear Slices (x2)     $0.89/ea

Texas Caviar Salsa     $2.39

Organic Chicken Stock (x2)     $1.79/ea

Shoestring Fries (x2)     $1.69/ea

Pot Stickers (x2)     $2.69/ea

Boneless/Skinless Chicken Thighs (x2)     $6.49/ea

Bonless/Skinless Chicken Breasts     $6.49

Frozen Stir Fry Mix (x2)     $2.49/ea

Country Fried Steaks (x2)     $5.99/ea

Frozen Tortellini (x2)     $2.49/ea

Tilapia Fillets (x3)     $2.99/ea

Fish Sticks     $2.99

Large Eggs (x2)     $1.39/ea

Crisp Rice Cereal     $1.79

Homestyle Waffles     $1.29

Frozen Pizzas (x3)     $3.99/ea

Spinach & Herb Wraps     $2.29

Bananas     $0.29/lb

Baked Beans (x2)     $1.39/ea

Sandwich Bags     $1.99

Plastic Wrap     $1.49

Organic Yogurt Squeezies (x2)     $2.29/ea

English Muffins     $0.99

5lb Potatoes     $2.19

Iceberg Lettuce     $0.89

Blueberries     $1.99

Beefy Onion Soup Mix     $0.99

Ciabatta Sandwich Rolls     $2.49

Cinnamon Grahams     $1.49

Yellow Mustard     $0.79

Organic Baby Carrots     $0.79

Deli Lunch Meat (x3)     $2.49/ea

Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese (x2)     $1.89/ea

Mini Marshmallows     $0.79

Braunschweiger     $1.99

Grass Fed Ground Beef (x2)     $6.99/lb

Evaporated Milk     $0.79

Cream Style Corn     $0.45

Hummus     $1.99

Yogurt Smoothie (x5)     $0.85/ea

Organic Orange Juice     $3.79

Deli Sliced Cheese (x2)     $1.99/ea

Organic White Cheddar Puffs     $1.99

Cucumbers (x2)     $0.59/ea

Grapefruit (x2)     $0.49/ea

Premium Sausage (x2)     $1.99/ea

Tomatoes     $1.99

Muffin Mix     $1.99

Italian Seasoning     $0.99

Gallon Whole Milk     $1.35

Total Spent     $181.92


Happy Shopping,

Melony 🙂


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