Let’s Shop ~ Week of 1/25/2106

This week I needed to stocked up on some fresh fruits and veggies, but didn’t have to purchase a whole lot of meat, so I was able to keep my total down pretty low.  Here’s the list of everything I purchased, along with the price of each item.

Chicken Tenderloin 7.09

Organic Bananas (x2) 1.25/ea

Shrimp & Crab Ravioli (x2) 3.49/ea

Canned Pineapple Chunks 0.99

Red Grapes 2.98

1 lb Zucchini Squash 1.99

Red Delicious Apples 1.99

Cantaloupe 0.89

Frozen Broccoli Florets (x2) 1.09/ea

Sliced Chicken Deli Meat 2.69

Canola Spray 1.49

Canned Peas (x2) 0.99/ea

Chunk Tuna (x2) 0.59/ea

Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese (x2) 1.89/ea

8” Flour Tortillas 1.89

Pear Slices 0.89/ea

Cut Green Beans (x2) 0.45/ea

5 lb Potatoes 1.99

Mandarins 3.99

Organic Orange Juice 3.79

2 lb sweet onions 1.89

1 lb Mini Cucumbers 2.49

Large Eggs 1.45

Organic Blackberries (x2) 1.99/ea

Strawberry Fruit Spread1.99

Cucumbers (x2) 0.29/ea

Total 65.43

Overall, I was very happy with the total this week.  I “splurged” on a few items like fancy schmancy ravioli and mandarin oranges (vs. navel oranges).  Don’t forget to watch for this week’s “What’s For Dinner?” video so that you can see how I used these items to make meals for my family of seven!

And as I mentioned last week, please take just a moment if you can and let me know if you found this addition to the video helpful.  🙂

Happy Shopping,


2 thoughts on “Let’s Shop ~ Week of 1/25/2106

  1. This is nice to see, the only issue is not knowing the size of the items bought. I have to look at price per ounce/pound/unit to know what my base price is. It’s been tough making my price list but it helps especially at Costco and BJs


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